We are a General Contractor and Construction Company with a special focus—and a particular passion—on agricultural & industrial construction jobs. We can build sheds, steel buildings, packing facilities, retention ponds, equipment storage, product storage, cold storage, barns and much more. We have been working for farmers and other business owners in the Tracy, Stockton & Modesto areas for years.


A pump for a retention pond in Tracy, CA that we recently built.

We Understand What You Value

When it comes down to it, we understand what farmers and other companies value. As a General Contractor, we also understand what farmers & business men need to keep their business’ growing and thriving. That is because we are not just a construction company that works on farms, ranches and for companies, we are a construction company that has a family background in farming and business. We understand your needs, your wants and your desires in a way that most construction companies never could, because we understand exactly where you are coming from and what you need for your business and farm.


An agricultural/industrial retention pond that we built in the Tracy, CA area.

We are a full service General Building Contractor & Builder that can handle any project that your farm or place of business should require. No project is too big or too small, no plan is too simple or too complex.

Need Help Nailing Down Your Project?

Do you know exactly what you want? That’s great, let us help bring your vision to life as we build it for you. Do you need to get something done, but you are not exactly sure what you need or what the project should look or function like? That’s okay as well. We are more than happy to work with you in order to design a project that is perfect, specifically for your needs.


Caissons & concrete slab we poured as footing for an agricultural/industrial hopper in Tracy, CA.

Let’s Get This Ball Rolling

There is no reason to wait, if you are looking for a General Contractor call us today and let us begin to work on all of your agricultural & industrial construction services and needs. We will deliver quality that you can count on, that quality that you value. We will work with you and respect the important work that you do to keep people working and eating. We are proud to call ourselves a construction company, but we never forget that deep down some of us come from farm and business families just like yours. We look forward to hearing from and working with you.