Looking for a contractor to build an addition onto your house? Then look no further. We have built home additions all across the Central Valley, in Tracy, Stockton & Modesto. With over 30 years of experience in construction, and quite a few additions under our belt, we’re the contractor you are looking for.

This is an addition we did in Stockton, CA.

An addition we built in Stockton, CA.

Why Choose Us To Add-on To Your Home?

With our experience in the construction industry, you can feel comfortable knowing that we are in charge of adding on to your home. Whether it is a game room, kitchen enlargement or a mother-in-laws quarters. We can help you with blueprints, permits and construction of whatever addition you and your family needs. We are equipped to give you that extra space you need.

We can build garages, shops, barns & sheds.

A garage addition we built in Vernalis, CA.

How Much Is This Addition Going To Cost?

That is definitely a loaded question. Because each and every addition is so different, we are going to have to take a look at it in person, draw up a rough floor plan and get some numbers put together. So give us a call so that we can get this thing going.

This is a home addition we did in Tracy, CA.

This is a home addition we did in Tracy, CA.

How Long Is This Addition Going To Take?

Again, this depends on the project. The smaller additions usually only take a couple months, and larger more detailed additions can take up to six months.
When you’re ready to get starting planning your project, you know where to find us.

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