Are you looking to build a garage, shop or shed? If so, you’ve found your General Contractor. Almost everyone needs more space to put there “stuff”. Well, at least when I go out to take a look at potential projects for clients, more storage space is almost always on their list. And I know from personal experience that my family and I can’t ever have enough storage space either. That said, it doesn’t matter if it is a spot to store your car, keepsakes, junk or a place to work in peace and quiet. Whatever type of building or addition you and your family need, we are the General Contractor that can build it.

This is a garage that we built in Tracy, CA.

An attached garage that we built in Tracy, CA.

We Build Garages, Shops & Sheds.

Attached or detached, we can design and build a space that fits your specific desire and need. Then we can deal with all of the building departments, permits, actual construction and inspections to get that space up and running for you. It doesn’t matter what type of building it is, garage, shop or shed. We are the general contractor that can build it.

Thinking About A Detached Garage?

Its quite a bit easier to build a detached garage because we don’t have to tear into an existing building. And sometimes it can be more cost effective as well. The picture below is of a detached garage and front porch that we built a few years back in Tracy, CA.

This is a garage we built.

A detached garage we built in Vernalis, CA.

Or How About An Attached Garage?

Although it can be a little less cost effective, sometimes it just makes more sense to attach your garage or shop to an existing building. We are a complete residential and commercial addition contractor, so adding on to an existing building isn’t a problem.

Need A Shop Or Workshop?

We have built shops and workshopes all across the valley. Whatever type of space you need for your work or play, we can make it happen.

Thinking About A Shed For Tools & Equipment?

We have built all kinds of sheds and small storage barns. Whether it for lawn equipment, your business or to store you pool equipment and chemicals. We’ve got you covered. The image below is if a pool storage and bathroom building that we built in Tracy, CA.

This is a pool house that we built in Tracy, CA.

A pool house that we built in Tracy, CA.

A Place For Storage. We All Need More Storage.

That’s right, we all need more storage no matter how big or small our home or business is. We can build whatever you need to keep your things safe and organized. Give us a call, we look forward to working with and meeting you!


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