Kitchen remodels. There’s really nothing else quite like it in residential construction. So many intricate parts and pieces of equipment packed into the most used 200+/- square feet of your home. These types of remodeling projects can seem daunting from the perspective of someone who’s never done one. But we’ve done hundreds, and today we’re going to talk about our process.

If you’d like to see more pictures of our projects, check out our project portfolio page.

Of all of the calls we get, one of the most common is for a kitchen remodel. The kitchen is called the heart of the home, and for good reason. This is where we gather, nourish our family and friends, and spend a lot of our time. One common theme I always hear from potential clients is that everyone always gathers in their kitchen.

So it would make sense to update and remodel such an important part of your home. When we approach a kitchen remodel, we like to look at it from two angles. The first being functionality, and the second being aesthetics. Customers usually lean toward the aesthetics first, but I like to look at functionality.

Functionality in Kitchens

The first thing I like to do is draw the existing floor plan, and generate a few new design ideas. Keeping functionality in mind. I want to know what types of appliances you’ll have. Do you prefer the dishwasher on the right or the left? Would a trash pull out on the opposite side help with your cleanup workflow?

I also like to know where you’d like to store things. It’s always nice to have pots and pans under a range top. Cookie sheets and casserole dishes above the oven. Coffee mugs next to the coffee pot. The old kitchen triangle is something to keep in mind but isn’t essential.

And I like to place upper cabinets that store your everyday glasses, dishes and bowls directly behind the dishwasher. So you’re not walking around an island every time you unload clean dishes.

These are just a few of the many considerations that we like to take a hard look at when we’re designing a custom kitchen or remodel. The functionality and how it adds to your quality of life is an important feature.

Kitchen Remodels and Aesthetics

And now for all the pretty stuff. From your floors to your countertops. Plumbing fixtures to paint colors. These are all up to you and your personal preference. We’ve done modern, farmhouse, and Mediterranean themed kitchen remodels. All of which were beautiful. But also very different.

We recommend working with an interior designer because they can really simplify the project. For both you and your contractor. They help you blend mediums, materials, and decorations. And help us with project speed and understanding your selections.

But the best way to express how you want your kitchen to look is through pictures. The more magazine clippings, Pinterest posts and image searches you can give us the better. This is where the real fun begins.

So if you’re interested in a kitchen remodeling project, you know how to get ahold of us.