We offer a wide range of construction services in Tracy, CA, including:

  • Custom Home Construction
  • Major Residential Remodels
  • Residential Additions
  • New Commercial Construction
  • Tenant Improvements (Commercial Remodels)
  • Design and Drafting

A little more about our construction services in Tracy, CA:

Whole House Remodels

In the past we focused on custom home construction for the majority of our business, but during and after the recession we’ve been doing a lot of whole house remodels. Basically taking run-down homes in nicer areas, and completely remodeling and adding on to them to create beautiful living spaces for our clients.

Open Floor Plans & Great Rooms

Another specialty we have is open floor plans, this usually involves an engineer and quite a bit of designing. And it also usually involves a large beam. What we do is open up living rooms, dining rooms and kitchen areas into one big great room space. This is a trend that we see over and over again. People want big open spaces in their homes for their families to enjoy for years to come.

Full Kitchen Remodels

Another one of our specialties are high end kitchen remodels. When we remodel a kitchen, we usually move walls and windows. Relocate all the appliances, new cabinets, countertops, backsplash, appliances and all the works to create big functional kitchens for families to spend their quality time in.

Increasing Your Quality of Life

Ultimately we specialize in increasing the quality of life for people and creating beautiful spaces and things with our own hands. We take a lot of pride in this, and we really enjoy being able to create a beautiful space for people and their families to live in and enjoy.

Where Budgets Meet Expectations

So if you’re thinking about using us to help you with your construction project the first thing that you should probably do is give us a call. I don’t say that to generate leads or increase business, I just want to make sure that we can meet to take a look at your project and see if your expectations align with your budget. We do our best to meet our clients budgets, but that’s one of the biggest issues we have when we meet with potential clients. It’s that their expectations are high, and their idea of their construction budget doesn’t align with those expectations.

All it takes is a field walkthrough so we can take a look at your project, put together some budget numbers, and see if you’re construction project is feasible.