Kitchen Remodel Timeline — What to Expect

Let’s talk kitchen remodeling, and what to expect. A Kitchen remodel usually takes about 12 weeks, from start to finish. Not including the design and permit process.

After you’ve signed a contract, the remodeling of your kitchen usually goes like this. And bear with me, because this is one heck of a list.

Design and Permits

This is where we always start, the floor plan design. Because it’s really hard to build something you don’t understand. So once it’s designed, it’s time to apply for a permit. And get ready to start the demo.


This is one of my favorite parts of a kitchen remodeling project, demo day. This is where we rip everything out, throw it in dumpsters and get ready to start framing. But before that, we need to design our cabinets.

Cabinet Design

The reason we need to design our cabinets first is that we need to know where windows, appliances, islands, doors, and everything else goes before we can frame. Nothing is worse than an off-center window in between two cabinets. A stud right where you need your oven power located. Or backsplash outlets that aren’t symmetrically placed. So that’s why we design the cabinets before we frame.


This is our trade, and where we shine. We frame windows, doors, move walls and add bearing points. Whatever we have to do to get your project structurally sound, and ready to be waterproofed.

Windows and Exterior Doors

At this point, we need to waterproof and secure your project because we’re going to be putting a whole lot of new and expensive stuff into it. You can use this option for you to get more in depth information regarding casino utan svensk licens 2021. Not to mention we need windows and exterior doors in before we can get the plumber, electrician and HVAC contractors in there.

The Trades

This is where the Electrician, Plumber, and HVAC subcontractors come in to install their rough. We move sinks, install lighting, and hook up range hoods. All of the stuff behind the walls is done here so what we can pass our frame inspection and insulate.


Now that the frame inspection has passed, it’s time to insulate everything we’ve opened up. There’s an inspection to make sure the insulation has been done properly, and then we can drywall.


This is when we hang the drywall. After it’s hung, there’s an inspection on the nailing of the drywall. This ensures that it’s fastened correctly, and you won’t have any issues later on. We tape, top, skim and texture the drywall. And start thinking about interior doors and trim.

Interior Doors & Trim

After the drywall’s done it’s time to install the interior doors, shelving, baseboard, casing, crown molding and anything else we need to get ready for the painter.


This is when the painter comes in and primes, plugs holes, caulks gaps and paints the entire project. On some of our projects, the painter finishes the cabinets in place while he’s working on the project.

Cabinet Installation

If the painter isn’t finishing in place, we install the cabs when he’s done with the finish on them already. The cabinets get brought in, installed properly, and plywood decks are put on top to get ready for the countertops.

Countertops & Backsplash

Depending on what you choose for your countertop, this is when we have them put in, right after the cabinets are installed. Whether it’s granite, quartz or tile. We have to get them in, install the backsplash, and let our subcontractors finish up.

The Trades Come Back In

The electrician, plumber and HVAC subcontractor come back and set their finish on everything they roughed in before insulation and drywall. This is always a fun time because the kitchen remodel is really starting to come together.


This one’s pretty basic, but we gotta get that floor in before we install the appliances!

Appliance Installation

Whichever appliances you chose are installed at this point, we use a subcontractor that only puts appliances in. He is certified with a bunch of appliance manufacturers and can sometimes get warranties extended because of his certification.

The Kitchen Remodel Punch List

And now for the infamous punch list. This is where you make up a list of all of the things you want done, fixed, or altered. And we take care of it for you. I usually like to do some of these things while I’m waiting for an inspector to give us the final inspection.

Final Inspection

This is the last step before we hand over your kitchen remodel, and it becomes your kitchen. We walk the project with an inspector while he makes sure everything is done correctly. When he’s done and signs it off, it’s all yours.

Believe it or not, this is the short version. There’s a lot of work and detail that goes into a kitchen remodel. If you’d like to explore remodeling your kitchen, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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